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Estate Planning

3 benefits to having a health care directive in place

Many adults do not invest much in estate planning. They may delay the process or try to keep it as simple as possible, possibly by only creating a will. However, the average adult can benefit from a robust estate plan with an assortment of different documents to protect their interests under a variety of different  … Read more

How can I change my will in Michigan?

Your estate plan is not set in stone. You can make alterations to the vast majority of estate planning documents up until the moment that you pass away, as long as you have the mental capacity to make those changes. As a result, it is wise for people to know that updates to an estate  … Read more

How should you choose a successor trustee?

Many adults who are drafting estate planning documents in Michigan consider adding a trust to their strategy. Trusts can shield people from taxes, protect assets from creditors, help people qualify for Medicaid and prevent beneficiaries from misusing inherited assets. There are many different kinds of trusts, some of which people fund at the time of  … Read more

3 tips for creating effective powers of attorney

Adults in Michigan need to both plan for their eventual deaths and also what they want to happen should they experience some type of medical incapacitation. Powers of attorney are among the specialized documents that the state of Michigan will recognize during someone’s incapacitation. Those who add powers of attorney to their estate planning paperwork will have  … Read more

What is a breach of fiduciary duty in estate planning?

While estate planning and thinking about what to do with your assets and estate is not the most pleasant situation, it is nonetheless a necessary one. If you do not make your wishes clear and do not establish parameters for how you want your estate to be handled, others will have no choice but to  … Read more

What do Michigan estate planning attorneys do?

Estate planning is an important process for adults in many different situations. People need to name a guardian when they have children and/or better ensure the right person will inherit their business when they die. The paperwork included in an estate plan can communicate somebody’s wishes to the Michigan probate courts and their family members.  … Read more

3 Benefits That Trusts Create for Those Planning Their Estates

Trusts require a bit more consideration and planning to add to an estate plan than a simple will. However, those who commit the time and effort necessary to create trusts often reap valuable benefits. Trusts are useful estate planning tools for people in a broad range of personal and financial situations. The exact benefits you  … Read more

Common estate planning mistakes people should avoid

Young couples who are building a family together and professionals who are thinking about their security need to put together estate plans. As do retirees, young adults and anyone else who has a vested interest in controlling their legacy instead of handing that power over to the state. Someone’s current family and financial circumstances determine  … Read more

Starting the Succession Planning Process for Your Business

What happens to you your business if you become disabled? Voluntarily retire? Have you set up a means of deriving the value of your business for yourself or your family members? If you have not addressed these issues, you need “Succession Planning” and now is the time to get started with it. Whether you leave  … Read more

Getting Started With Your Business Succession Plan

As the owner or executive of a successful small or medium-sized business, you have a lot of responsibilities that demand your attention. It is very easy for busy professionals to procrastinate when it comes to planning for long-term needs, and perhaps the most overlooked long-term necessity is creating a succession plan for their role at  … Read more

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