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About Fiduciary Obligations In Estate Planning And Administration

When it comes to wills and estates, fiduciary obligations often begin with the legal services of an estate planning attorney. This lawyer guides the creation and signing of a will. If one or more trusts are established, a legal professional or another responsible party, such as a bank or accountant, will likely assist with its creation.

If testamentary documents are later found to contain defects that a knowledgeable professional should have prevented, professional disciplinary action or civil litigation may be in order. A knowledgeable estate planning attorney can help determine legal remedies when estate planning has been inadequate and someone’s financial health has suffered as a result.

After a person’s death, fiduciary obligations related to the estate extend in additional directions. To ensure the correct fulfillment of their fiduciary duties, executors and trustees who administer estates should get qualified legal counsel early in the process. Since its founding, Gudeman & Associates, P.C., has been a trusted name in estate planning, estate administration and related legal areas, such as probate litigation.

Our Attorneys Are Here To Advise You In Any Aspect Of Fiduciary Obligations Related To Estates

When someone passes away in Michigan, their will and trusts typically fall under the control of one or more fiduciaries such as an executor, administrator and/or trustee. For example, an executor must securely hold and manage assets until that property is distributed to the correct beneficiaries. They must pay debts, distribute assets and be ready to give an accounting of all financial aspects of estate administration.

Our lawyers help fiduciaries fulfill their estate administration obligations properly. We also help people who have been wronged through poor estate planning or administration guidance from lawyers or other professionals. When something goes wrong at any stage of estate planning or administration, we help our clients resolve disputes and bring civil claims against fiduciaries.

Get The Advice You Need When A Will Or Trust Is Defective Or Poorly Executed

Have you been harmed because of the breach of fiduciary duties of an attorney, accountant, bank, executor or trustee who was responsible for estate planning? Our attorneys can help you hold fiduciaries accountable.

Or are you responsible for managing an estate? We can advise you in a preventative manner and defend your interests in case of any challenges against you as a fiduciary.

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