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Yes, An IRS Tax Audit Is As Intimidating As It Sounds

If a representative of the IRS contacts you to request information about your income, assets or taxes, your first response might be suspicion. How do you know if the person is legitimately part of the IRS? For one thing, the IRS says agents will never ask you for personal information in a cold phone call. First, you should receive a letter. Only then will they call you. If in doubt, ask a tax law attorney to help you verify that they are legitimate representatives of the IRS. Their next step might be for the IRS to request an in-person interview with you at a nearby IRS office or in a field location of your choosing, such as in your company offices.

After you have received a request for information or proposed an in-person meeting at a specific time and on a specific date, you should begin gathering information about your tax return that is under consideration. You should definitely have contacted an accountant or tax attorney by now. Getting professional help is a very worthwhile expense, no matter how you feel about the coming audit. Our tax law attorneys at Gudeman & Associates, P.C., are knowledgeable, experienced and confident about their ability to help you get through an IRS tax audit with hope for a favorable outcome.

Experience And Dedication Count

Make no mistake about it: An IRS tax audit is a major event in your life. The outcome will be highly consequential. Our lawyers, both separately and together, have spent years helping other individual and business taxpayers get through IRS tax audits “in one piece.” We can assure you that our calm, methodical approach will inspire your confidence.

As soon as we are working with you to prepare you for your personal or business tax audit, we will be explicit and efficient as we help you get ready as follows:

  • Gather documents, including past tax returns and receipts.
  • Organize those documents and be ready to talk about them to justify deductions or otherwise explain why you filed the tax return that you did.
  • Let your lawyer do as much of the talking as possible during an initial review, a phone call or a hearing.

Educate yourself, with your lawyer’s help, as to potential outcomes that you can expect:

  • IRS agents may end up accepting your original return after all.
  • You may be asked to provide more information.
  • IRS representatives may explain other next steps, such as:
    • Additional tax you will need to pay
    • A necessary revision of your tax return
    • A tax refund

Be Prepared But Do Not Fear

Panic will not help at this critical time of your life. Careful, thoughtful preparation and cooperation will help. That is why we are here: To get you through tough times with your future path clear.

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