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Crafting Strategic Contracts

Gudeman & Associates, P.C. will help give certainty and assurance to you, your clients and anyone else your business does transactions with by devising contractual legal agreements. For all business owners, transactions are an essential part of business activity. Commercial transactions typically involve the selling and purchasing of goods or services such as vendor agreements, sales contracts, purchase orders, payment obligations, licensing agreements and independent contractor agreements.

The central documents that govern business transactions are contracts, which are legally valid and enforceable agreements between two or more parties that create obligations that are binding on all parties involved. Parties can include any types of entities that are capable of participating in business transactions including individuals, private entities, corporations and government agencies.

Put Our Experience To Work For Your Business

Contracts shape the ways in which you conduct and grow your business, so having the proper guidance before they are signed can have a great impact. Our knowledgeable business planning attorneys will help your business negotiate, draft, review, interpret, defend and enforce contracts that prioritize your goals and protect against any potential pitfalls. Please contact us or call 248-630-3671 to schedule a consultation.